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16 Things For couples To Do While Staying Secluded

May 15, 2020
Written by Maria Sophia

Congrats, we've made it to the middle of May! It's totally fine that you're staying safe at home and are practicing social distancing when necessary. We approve. But, are you and your S.O. getting bored? Have you run out of fun things to do together?

We put our heads together and came up with a list of things for you and your partner can do in quarantine to occupy your time and add some excitement. Quarantine is a perfect opportunity to grow closer to your S.O. With these romantic activities below, we hope that you and your boo can find a new level of attraction towards each other. We recommend trying each of these out each week and modify them as you wish...enjoy!


Oh- and might we mention, almost all of the Lovers Playground stores are open for curbside pick up or walk-in shopping. Please contact your local Lovers Playground store to purchase items from our curbside pick up selection and ask the clerk for other items you wish to purchase if not seen in the curbside menu.

Now on with the list:

#1 DInner date night at home
Yep, you read that right. Get all dressed up and make/order a nice dinner at home. Put on some background music, pop a bottle of your favorite drink, and pretend you’re on a real date. If you have kids, maybe wait until they go to bed so you can have your alone time.



#2 Make a Playlist of Songs for Each Other
Pick songs you think each other would like, whether it's their favorite genre or even love songs. You pick the theme. When you’re finished, title the playlist and send it to them on Apple Music, Spotify, or burned onto a CD.




#3 Do a Fun Workout Together or Go For a Walk
Pretty self-explanatory, just choose whatever physical activity you want and work together as a team! If you decide to go for a walk, take a different path than you normally would so you can see new sights.



#4 Experiment With New Sex Toys & Positions
Contact your local Lovers Playground store prior to visiting to see if they're open for curbside pick up or walk-in shopping. Quarantine is the perfect amount of down time to explore something new in the bedroom… or living room… or wherever you like to do it.



#5 Play Strip Scrabble

It's sort of like regular Scrabble, except you can only spell out dirty words. Every time your partner gets a point, you have to remove an item of clothing.




#6 Play Strip Pong

Like beer pong, but when someone makes it in a cup, the other has to remove that cup and a piece of clothing. Similar goals in these games. The first person to land a ball in all six cups gets to request a sexual favor.


#7 Have a Romantic Picnic or Camp Out in Your Backyard (Weather Permitting)

If you don’t have a backyard, try to find a field or open park that is far enough from others to keep your social distance. Nothing sweeter than an old-fashioned picnic for two. Better yet, surprise your partner with this one! If you’re going to camp out in your backyard, set up a tent and lots of blankets.


#8 Give Each Other Massages

Get a nice massage oil, light some candles, dim the lights, and get to rubbin’! Just make sure your partner returns the favor another time during quarantine.


#9 Go for a Drive

Pack some snacks, a blanket, get in the car, turn on some music, and go watch the sunset somewhere secluded from noise. How romantic!


#10 Binge-Watch Movies and Shows

Pick a favorite romantic classic or take turns choosing something you'll both enjoy watching.


#11 Play Couples Quarantine Bingo

Click here to print the Lovers Playground quarantine bingo card.

#12 Do the Couples 30-Day Quarantine Challenge

Click here to print the Lovers Playground couples 30-day quarantine challenge.

#13 Make a List of Things to Do After Quarantine

Sit down with your partner and make a list of post-quarantine things you can’t wait to do. It can be traveling, dining at restaurants again, or hanging out with your friends and family.


#14 Make a Fort Together

Cuddle and binge-watch your movies in your fort.


#15 Do a Craft Together

Tie-dyeing has been popular as of late, but if that’s not your jam, check out some YouTube videos or Google ideas for more inspiration. If you're both down, purchase and craft a clone-a-willy from your local Lovers Playground location.


#16 Take a Relaxing Bath Together

The perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. Call your local Lovers Playground store to purchase a bath bomb or waterproof toy.



If you’re desperately in need of some new and fun activities to occupy your time, this is the list for you. Take these ideas and run with them. Modify these ideas to your liking and create new ideas from them. If you liked this list, share it with other couples you know to help minimize quarantine boredom.

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Maria Sophia is a newer member to the Lovers Playground team and has an extensive background in writing and communications. Maria is a Chicago native with a passion for travel and exercise, among other hobbies. She has 2 dogs, no tattoos, and no-known food allergies. She uses writing to freely express and encourage  healthier, more fulfilling sex lives in adults.

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