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Calvin Klein breaks the internet

May 12, 2016

Lets talk about underwear. More specifically, lets talk about the recent Calvin Klein ad with featuring a picture of 22-year old Danish actress Klara Kristin taken from the ground level with her underwear visible through her open skirt.


Yes, most will see this as a upskirt photo, and on all accounts it is but, in reality, it is so much more.


It's provocative.


It's controversial.


It's alluring.


It's intimate.


Furthermore, it's a prime example of pure marketing genius, given the fact that not only did the photographer take a photograph displaying a woman wearing underwear for a company who is a leader in the underwear industry for the purpose of branding the company's name, the photographer also immortalized a moment where many woman feel extremely vulnerable and transfered that vulnerability into a simple piece of art that has raised many questions recently ranging from privacy issues to pedophilia.


"Look, you can see her underwear!" So what? Calvin Klein sells underwear, and they have tons of ads featuring both men and women dressed only in their underwear and often in far more provocative poses. While this photo can be looked at as the same old women-as-passive-objects-to-sell-shit-rape-culture marketing so often employed by Calvin Klein, my real question for everyone is, "What do you expect underwear ads to look like in 2016?"


Have we forgotten that its also not the first time someone took a vulnerable moment in a woman's life to captured it to sell underwear? Perhaps you do not remember the photos of Jenny McCarthy sitting on a toilet for Candies in 1996?


Sure, Calvin Klein could have stayed edgy with an upskirt photo where the model was smiling and flipping the bird between her legs, but, nah, flipping the bird is also considered offensive.  And, speaking of offensive, why aren't all the people rampaging about this photograph also commenting about the provocative bathing suits and ridiculously padded bras Calvin Klein and other undergarment manufacturers produce for girls barley into their teens rather than this?


Nope, I'm not going to argue that this photo isn't a bit risque, but its not the first piece of art that has been considered "perverted". Maybe all these upskirt protesters really just want the model to take off her dress because a photo taken of a model from ground-level in only her underwear is just a normal photo at the end of the day, right?


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