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The G-Spot

The G-spot can be located on the anterior wall of the vagina between the opening and the cervix. It is about two knuckles deep and up towards the belly button. Before diving in keep in mind that all women react differently to this spot. While some will start screeching with delight, others may become annoyed by the feeling, and still others might feel like they’re about to pee. So proceed with caution.


The most popular method for finding the G-spot involves using two fingers and inserting them into the vagina, palm facing up. When you’re about two inches in, make a come hither motion; you should be hitting something that feels like a little ball. To add a little something to the mix, use your free hand to gently rub and caress the area between her navel and pubic hair while performing your fingering task.


There are lots of great toys available designed to specifically stimulate the g-spot. You’re looking for a toy with a curve at the end of it. Something that is bulb shaped has more surface area and makes it easier to discover where your g-spot is. The “G” in g-spot stands for Grafenberg (as in Dr. Grafenberg), the man who discovered that women have such a spot that would bring them to immense heights of pleasure and may result in a release of ejaculate fluid, even though this fluid serves no purpose. Many women have had G-spot orgasms with which they’ve squirted and soaked their beds.


Although the fluid that gets released amid a G-spot orgasm is released from the urethra and is watery in texture, doctors reveal that it is not urine at all. In fact, the fluid is released from the Skene’s glands, which surround the urethra and resemble the male prostate.

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