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No Shame In The

Masturbation Game!

March 16, 2020
Written by Maria Sophia

How is masturbation still considered such a taboo subject? Let us take a moment to explore the wonderful benefits of masturbation! Masturbation has many self-health benefits; it's a self affirming sexual activity. We've said this many times before, but we want to clarify that masturbation is for men and women. Although data shows that more men masturbate than women, it is still completely healthy and normal for women to engage in themselves.


Here our list of 10 masturbation benefits:


#1 Stress Reduction and Mood Elevation
Research shows that masturbation can lower your stress (Cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone) levels by boosting your mood and releasing feel-good chemicals in the brain, like dopamine. Push any thoughts of stress to the side and focus what's at hand. Who doesn’t love a little mood boost here and there?!



#2 Pain and Cramp Relief

For women, masturbation before or during your period can help with cramping and period pains as well. Masturbation resulting in an orgasm can release chemicals such as endorphins, which have pain killing properties and can change the perception of pain in your body and brain. It will put you in a better mood. So, distract your mind from the pain and relive that tension.



#3 Less Risk for Getting/Giving STIs

Sexual intercourse and oral sex carry the risk of STIs. If you’re riding solo in this activity, masturbating is the safest sexual activity to avoid getting or giving STIs. What a freeing feeling!



#4 Improve Sleep

Similar to the stress-relief benefit, orgasms can help you wind down after a long day. Climaxing releases hormones like prolactin and oxytocin, which help you fall asleep easier. Release your pent-up energy and tension if you're having trouble getting to sleep. Stash that magic wand in your bedside drawer for easy access before bed time!



#5 Get To Know Your Own Body

Knowing your body and your desires is the best way to keep yourself well. Masturbating is an awesome way to explore all areas on your body, appreciate all of your body’s functions, and to pay attention to your body's wants/needs. It’s great for your self-esteem when some women may feel ashamed of their own body.



#6 Help Ease Menopause-Related Problems

If you're having sexual discomfort due to menopause, your vagina may be narrowing and you'll need to work back up to it. There are a variety of toys available as sexual helping aids such as special lubricants and vaginal dilators. Masturbation can help ease post-menopausal symptoms. This can improved blood flow, relieve tissue and moisture issues, and overall increased sexual desire. Menopause can throw your body off sexually, so masturbation is a way to explore and cater to some of your sexual needs. It may take longer than usual, so take your time and try to remain focused and relaxed.



#7 Help Relieve Erectile Dysfunction-Related Problems

Too much masturbating, or masturbating in general, does not cause erectile dysfunction. There are several underlying reasons for ED, whether it's directly health-related or stress-related. Masturbation can be helpful in easing the condition. Not being able to get an erection soon after masturbating is called a refractory period and is not to be confused with erectile dysfunction. Again, be patient with your body and get familiar with what is helpful and feels good.



#8 Can Help Increase Your Libido

We're not saying that masturbation alone will make your libido skyrocket, but it can help. The more you stimulate yourself, the more you'll crave stimulation. You may be at a point in your life where your libido is low and many factors can be to blame. Knowing what you like, what feels good and what doesn’t, can make sexy-time with your partner a lot easier and more fun! Less stressing over whether you will orgasm or not, just communicate to your partner what it is that you like and don’t like. Show them what works for you.



#9 Give Your Body A Mini-Workout

Don't get rid of that gym membership quite yet. Masturbating does require some movement and muscle per say. Depending on how much you’re moving around and working, you’re most likely getting somewhat of a “workout” in. The activity will increase your heart rate, blood flow, and can activate muscles that you may not even know about. Talk about a win-win!



#10 Temporarily Boost Your Immune System

Your immune system is a complex network of cells that defends the body against infection. Masturbating can help positively affect the immune system in small doses, by increasing the number of white blood cells. Get rid of migraine pain by releasing those feel-good chemicals in your brain. Okay, masturbating will not prevent you from getting sick, but it's still worth doing all year-round!



Masturbation is a natural activity and feels damn amazing. Don’t be shy, it’s a normal, healthy, and extremely common activity. We hope this list of benefits will help you out in the long-run. So sharpen your solo skills and explore yourself for... well, yourself. Oh- and please remember to pee before and after sex, drink lots of water, and clean your toys before and after use to prevent bacteria growth. Speaking of bacteria, refer to our blog Why You Should Use Sex Toys and Not Household Items from a few months back. Go ahead and share this blog and our others with someone who you think would appreciate them.




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Maria Sophia is a newer member to the Lovers Playground team and has an extensive background in writing and communications. Maria is a Chicago native with a passion for travel and exercise, among other hobbies. She has 2 dogs, no tattoos, and no-known food allergies. She uses writing to freely express and encourage  healthier, more fulfilling sex lives in adults.

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