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Here you will find sex-positive articles and reviews on some of our top products from our awesomely friendly Lovers Playground Sexperts! Any and all information listed in our Reviews & Advice section on this site is provided with the intent of educational purposes. This content is not intended as a replacement or substitution of information best guided by a healthcare professional.

05/12/2016 - Let's talk about underwear. More specifically, let's talk about the recent Calvin Klein ad featuring a picture of 22-year-old Danish actress Klara Kristin taken from the ground level with her underwear visible through her open skirt...

02/27/2015 - There is something that needs to be properly addressed in the year 2015. I jumped into this New Year having to argue with someone telling me that female ejaculate is nothing more than urine. There seems to be some “scientifically” backed article circulating, virally spreading misconceptions...

01/01/2015 - As many people are thinking about the New Year and how they would like to improve themselves, JD Mount figured it was a good time to make some suggestions for sexual resolutions (or SEXolutions, if you will) for the New Year...


Anal Sex 101

Things to know, but were too afraid to ask.


It's important to know your way around.

The G-Spot

No, it's not a myth. You'd better read this!


So, you think you know the penis? Think again.

Male Enhancement

There's no shame in looking for a little help.


For the ladies.

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