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Check out some of the great special offers you can take advantage of when using us for your wholesale distribution needs!

Starter Kits

Custom Catalogs

10% off

Not sure where to start?


We understand that our shopping our large warehouse of products can be a little overwhelming. What's going to be able to sell? You definitely wouldn't want to invest in products that are just going to collect dust, now would you?

Branding is everything!!


We are here to strengthen your business with your own brand!


We will set you up with a professional printable PDF file with your own logo and brand colors to promote your business and gain more sales.


Just imagine the sales you can make with a catalog of 100s of items to choose from.

Lower cost to new customers and high rollers with Capitol News agency

New accounts and large purchases receive 10% off.


On top of our already very competitive rates, we give all new customers with a 10% discount to get your profit margins higher so you can return back to us for more!

If you are just getting started out in your retail business this can be a great boost to get you going.

A lower cost means you can start out with a larger selection and even some room to kick of with some great introductory deals.


We reward our large volume sellers the same offer. All purchases over $1,000 also receive the 10% discount.

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Wholesale Distributor Services of Adult Products

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