As many people are thinking about the new year and how they would like to improve themselves, I figured it was a good time to make some suggestions for sexual resolutions (or SEXolutions, if you will) for the new year. Some may argue that these may be the most important resolutions to make. The better sex we have, the more sex we have. Studies have shown that the more sex we have, the healthier we are as well. Therefore, by vowing to to have better sex, we are vowing to have longer, happier, sexier lives! So, it's an all around win in my opinion.

Here are a few tips to get you started off right!

Sexolution #1 Be Less Selfish and Give More

This is a very general resolution to make and probably the most important one. It will be something you will need to consider while reading through this list. Throw out your selfish needs and focus on your partner more. It just plain makes everyone feel better about themselves when someone gives them the attention they need, and they will return the favor. In and out of sexual situations.

Sexolution #2 Get More Comfortable With Your Body

The key to enjoying your sex life to the absolute fullest is understanding one's own body. It's all about confidence. Personally, I have struggled with this issue the most. Most of my life I have attempted to keep myself as clothed as possible due to my own insecurities. So bad that I pretty much only took my shoes off to sleep at night. In the periods of my life when I am having great sex, I have almost become a complete exhibitionist. Everyone has physical flaws and it's those flaws that make you a unique and beautiful individual. Learn to love yourself, and you and your lovers will benefit greatly.

Sexolution #3 Talk About Sex and Flirt More

It doesn't matter if you are single or in a relationship. A little flirty behavior goes a long way. Most people see simple flirtatiousness as a flattering compliment. Also, nothing gets things going like a little hinting of things to come. Everyone flirts and picks up on flirting a little differently, but the point is to just do it. You can't gain any ground if you don't. Just as how you can't really make anything new happen in the bedroom without talking about it a little. Don't ever pull out a rubber fist and expect it to go over well with your partner if you didn't discuss that it was okay first.

Sexolution #4 Try Role Playing Sometimes

Being in a long term relationship and having sexual encounters with the same person can be a bit of a bore. You come to expect the same things from your partner. The solution to this is to simply pretend the situation is different. What are you and your partner's fantasies? Do you imagine yourself picking up a stranger or being picked up by one in a swanky nightclub? Perhaps you want to be frisked by a sexy police officer and offer them a provocative bribe. You are really only limited to your own imagination here. One of my favorite suggestions for role play is the Dominatrix/Submissive roleplay for those that are interested in starting to explore new sensations. Pretend you are a client visiting a dungeon. Do some light spanking and hair tugging to see if things will esculate to more. Make sure you know each others limits and put a safe word rule in place is you go this route.

Sexolution #5 Practice Abstinence and Build Anticipation

Okay, so here is where I counter myself about Sexolution tip #1 (nobody said good sex was simple) Don't give your partner everything they want (or you for that matter). Not at first at least. Tease them. Give them a little, then pull back. Imagine you're passion is like a rising tide. Advancing little by little with every wave until they become an unstoppable force crashing and exploding on the seaside cliffs.

Good sex isn't always easy, but sticking to these sexolutions for the new year could be your ticket to the best sex of your life!

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