There is something that needs to be properly addressed in the year 2015. I jumped into this New Year having to argue with someone telling me that female ejaculate is nothing more than urine. There seems to be some “scientifically” backed article circulating, virally spreading misconceptions about the female orgasms well into the 21st century now. (In other infuriating global news…just heard that gossip across the pond…The UK no longer tolerates filming of many sexual activities, quite shockingly female ejaculation made this list!) 

After trying to argue with someone who was just simply reading the findings of a ‘scientific study,’ I realized that I could not possibly be alone in my stance. Sex educators, orgasm-ing females and even some male partners are screaming right now, because we can all tell you that the g-spot, squirting orgasms and female ejaculate are all real, and female release is NOT urine!

To deny the fact that these secretions that are being released, and to claim that these women are “just urinating” is so far one of the most damaging statements of the 21st century. It is like denying the fact that women even have orgasms.


It is beyond insulting to claim that the sensations and physical releases these “squirting” females are experiencing, to be simply brushed off as sudden urinary incontinence. There is whole lot more going on than that down there.

Female orgasms and sexual pleasure are two topics that have been significantly under-studied and continue to be misunderstood by mainstream science.

Debunking a “myth” by proving it with another “myth” is not only poor scientific method, but a huge disservice against womankind. There is no way such limited evidence could speak for all women and of their bodies’ sexual capabilities as simply one thing, and not another. It very well could have shared a couple of things at once in some instances, but where is the big headline arguing that?

Dare I say how very sexist it seems to be that mainstream science continues to deny that the g-spot exists! Is it easier to claim it’s not there, when you have trouble finding it? Or perhaps the world shamefully lacks the knowledge or experience to discover the secret nuances that entice each one?

Here’s what is wrong with that “scientific study” that they’re blasting around as all-encompassing truth:

Only 7 female test subjects were used. Seven! Were they serious? Did they not receive funding? Because I’ pretty sure You, dear reader, YOU could round up a more successful female ejaculate study ON YOUR OWN and see for yourself what female ejaculate is made of! 

Sure, maybe just maybe, the Internet didn’t completely lie about those unfortunate seven ladies who truly are all the most unsuccessful true “squirter's.” But with only seven test subjects who successfully or unsuccessfully released urine as their primary secretion, that still does NOT accurately represent the entire female population of the world. Don’t let these over-hyped “findings” define your female ejaculate and represent you in the name of science. I welcome you to be your own judge and advocate. 

In the name of “science” I appoint you Captain in conducting your own research assignment. It will be a whole lot of fun exploring uncharted territory, or finding new paths to an old  discovery, either in you or your partner…or both!  

A Journey to the Center of Your World

To set the record straight…

Here’s a little about g-spot and the female ejaculate connection: 

The g-spot does exist, but…unless you devote at least a good 20 minutes of foreplay preparation then the g-spot will not be engorged with enough blood from arousal.


If a woman is not properly aroused, then do not expect to get her to come properly via g-spot.

Most women are much more familiar with clitoral(outside) stimulation, the gateway to proper self-lubrication that is necessary for juicy, welcoming penetration. What people don’t realize is that the nerve endings of the clitoris extend out through the labia, and they also tuck away inside the body through to the g-spot. Because everything is so sensitive and located so close together to other organs and functions of the body, it can become confusing for a woman who might be feeling so many different things at once. 

This can mean many things. It can mean any slight push harder on her clit can really hurt, or that slight lean forward creates the urge to urinate, or a tickle, or pleasure, or cause her to tense up. Or everything at once. Now imagine going at it like that from inside. Yikes! That’s a lot of expectations. And pressure! By pressure I mean both mental and physical pressure to perform. This is supposed to be FUN so listen to yourself or your partner when they react in a good or bad way.  

Gee, What’s in it For Me?

Everyone is different, so don’t let other people’s routine define what you think you should feel as acceptable. My only intention here is to bring people’s attention to this tricky area of female anatomy. The g-spot and its nuances of female release never seem to be discussed fairly. Hopefully by addressing this topic and covering it in such all-inclusive detail, it will encourage women and their partners to understand their own bodies better. 

G-spots are tricky in that they’re not always perfectly aligned with the bellybutton-trail.

They are on the “roof” of the vaginal canal, imagine hooking your fingers up inside towards your lower abs, and then with your free hand pressing in on from the outside.

Your canal isn’t always perfectly aligned either, so not everyone’s g-spot is perfectly positioned along your body’s line.

You might find an angle to the left or an angle to the right reaches it just right.

Tilting your toy up (such as a rabbit or butterfly kiss) while you’re lying on your back at about a 45 degree angle should make you more responsive as well.

Best sex positions for reaching it are:



Side-ways scissor

In these positions many people find that they have success with shallow thrusts or by rocking back in forth over a particularly responsive spot.

(missionary position usually does not fair as favorably because of the angle, but works for a start-up)

G-spot stimulation or certain positions will seem only do-able during a long bedroom session, not necessarily during a quickie. Some attempts at positions or fingering might be uncomfortable at the start of penetration, but later become pleasurable further into intercourse. 

Some people don’t realize that women can be completely sexually satisfied without any penetration at all.

Ugh, the believers of male-centric “Complete” Orgasm theory.

These people need to go stop reading outdated, sexually-oppressed fantasies of Victorian imagination, and stop believing Freud’s flawed theories on female sexuality.

It’s a clit- Get used to it!

Newsflash: Freud just talked the talk, but had no idea what the walk even walked.

He is not a ‘sexpert’ of any kind by modern standards!

We really need to stop mentioning his name and his twisted theories on sexuality, because we as society have moved on, way, way on since him.

Yes. Got over Freud. And all of that.

Like over a hundred years ago, people!

We actually get off by –having- sex nowadays, not by talking about sex in medical terms just to cover all the “hysteria.”

Hmm…perhaps we found a cure indeed! (Not.)

That cure comment was total sarcasm, but how about next:

Time to go speculate, on female ejaculate…  

Consider Your Own Conclusions

No matter what you end up liking or disliking, you will never know what your body is capable of experiencing until you warm up your body’s potential and accept ownership to your own pleasure. Nothing is hotter than knowing what you want, but learning about yourself will give you the sexual confidence to speak up for yourself and communicate your limits.

Gain your own “scientific” sexperience of being physically and mentally aware of when you’re about to fully let go, so only you can speak for your own body. After some sextensive research, I’m sure you’ll come to your own conclusions on just what exactly that means, what that is, and all of that which you are releasing.

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