Summer is coming and so should you! If you’re planning to travel this summer and want to bring your best adult toys along (that is encouraged), there are some things you should know. TSA approves you packing your most intimate devices. Add that vibe to your carry-on if it's of value otherwise keep it in your checked bag. Just be prepared to explain what that 7 inch item is in your bag.

Here are our 4 best tips for traveling with sex toys, as shame-free as possible:





According to TSA regulations, the toys you bring should be under 7 inches. Smaller sex toys are more discrete and easier to travel with anyway. Small but mighty is key and maybe leave the wrist restraints or spiked paddle at home. Thinking of bringing lube or toy cleaner? Have at it- as long as they’re 3 ounces or less and kept in a quart-sized clear bag along with your carry-on items. We recommend bringing sample bottles or filling your own travel size approved 3 ounce bottles.




If you're worried about your toy turning on in your luggage before, during, or after the flight, look into a rechargeable toy that utilizes a travel lock feature, drain the charge, or take the batteries out. Wrap your toy in an article of clothing, bubble wrap, wrapped in one of your shoes if you're still anxious. This will help you avoid any minor anguish of being questioned that your checked bag is making a suspicious noise.





You've been selected to get your bags searched. In the event that your bag is hand-checked, tell the agent in advance. Just be honest and let them know that there's a vibrator in there. There's nothing wrong with bringing some fun items along. Being truthful about your luggage will help speed up the process. It's best that you have your toy(s) in a clear plastic bag. TSA  won't need to scatter miscellaneous items, while also keeping your toys hygienic and clean.




Don't be embarrassed. They don't care about your toy. You're one of many flying with one. Try your best to remain calm and relaxed. Have a prewritten note that your pink vibrating bunny is in there if need be. Explain to the agent that your “personal health items” are what you have in your bag. Have confidence in the fact that you're comfortable enough with your sexuality to bring a toy. This will speed up the process and let TSA agents know what they've probably seen hundreds of times before. Request that it is screened in private rather than in front of the other travelers if you’re still uneasy.


Believe it or not some sex toys are not allowed in certain states and countries. To be safe, do your research and observe the laws of the country you are traveling to. It’s always best to do your research about airline/TSA rules prior to traveling to assure you’re following the guidelines. Embrace the no-shame attitude, because traveling shouldn’t stop you from getting your freak on!

There are many perfect travel-size toys. Here are a couple low-profile items that we carry:




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