Looking for a hilarious gag gift to embarrass a friend or family member this holiday season? You've come to the right place! Lovers Playground boutiques carry a variety of adult novelty products, so whether you're a serious buyer or a jokester, we've got something for everyone. The holidays can be stressful and gift-giving can leave you stumped. Luckily for you, our team has created a list of the best x-rated gag gifts $10 and under can get you. Give any of these gifts for your Secret Santa, White Elephant, or a "just because" gift.


*Most of these items are available for purchase at any Lovers Playground or Lovers Playground Network location. See associate for more information on products or ordering.

#3 Gum Job


No "gag" with this gift! The "Gum Job" Oral Sex Gummy Candy Teeth Covers are a sure way to give anyone a laugh. Flavors include cherry pie, wild watermelon, and succulent strawberry.


#4 Finger In The Ace


The perfect gift to "poke" fun at someone! This kit has everything for clean, comfortable booty exploration. Choose one of your shy friend and wrap this one up with a ribbon and bow for them.


#5 Tighten Up Shrink Creme®


A hilarious (and slightly offensive) gift for women, but can totally be used after the jokes are over. Here's to hoping the person you choose has a good sense of humor.

#1 Let's F*ck! Dice Game

Although this item is a gag gift, whomever receives it can definitely use it with their current or future partnter(s). The instructions are self-explanatory. Simply take turns rolling the dice and take it from there!

#2 Dick Head Card Game


A dirty, fun, and flirty version of "Old Maid" for adults. Draw cards from each other's hands and try to match the body parts until one person is left with the Dick Head card. Don't be a Dick Head!

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Item # 2069-99

Item # 0054-30

Your bank account and anyone who can take a joke will appreciate these gag gifts. When the celebrations are over and the laughter has subsided, the best part of all is that the products are still usable. *Wink* Then again, laughter is the best gift of all! Head over to your local Lovers Playground store to purchase these products while they're still in stock.

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