Do better this year than with flowers or a card. Choosing the perfect gift for your special someone can be stressful, but we have the perfect Valentine's Day gift guide to point you in the right direction. Show your loved one that you care by treating them to one of the many items found here or something similar. We have toys for all adults; single or taken. We are sure you will find an item either for you or your partner that will be enjoyed.

Fantasy For Her Cheeky Panty Thrill-Her by Pipedream Products


The Fantasy For Her line was inspired by women who want control of their own pleasure. This Cheeky Panty Thrill-Her combines a 20 function bullet and a pair of panties with an inner pocket. Quickly and easily change the function while out-and-about for the evening with the included wireless remote control. Batteries are included, but remember to remove them when not in use to avoid any needless battery draining.


Silicone Rechargeable Passion Enhancer by CalExotics


This dual stimulating sex toy for couples is ideal for beginners looking to turn up the heat or erotic experts wanting to add intense pleasure to their arsenal. The 7 function vibrating sex toy sends sensual gyrations to sweet spots and can increase in intensity throughout your next steamy romp with only the touch of a button. No need to search for batteries. This toy is rechargeable with cord included.

INYA Rechargeable Twister Vibe by NS Novelties


A blend of classic with a literal twist. The INYA Twister has 7 functions and a unique rotating motion for double the stimulation. Enjoy the attention to detail with realistic appearance of veins down the shaft and textured head. This body-safe, shower-proof silicone vibe is sure to become a new favorite toy. Fully charge for approximately an hour with the included USB cord.

Inmi Shegasm Intense by XR Brands


There is a reason for this XR Brands item having Intense in its name, that is simply what it is. The Inmi Shegasm Intense is a 2-in-1 clitoral stimulator and g-spot vibrator. Made from premium silicone, the Inmi Shegasm Intense also includes 12 levels of suction power as well as 12 different patterns of vibrations. Rechargeable and uses a magnetic feature to instantly connect to the charging cable, no plugging into the toy is necessary.

Instruments of Pleasure - Purple Level by Bijoux Indiscrets


The Purple Level of Instruments of Pleasure from Bijoux Indiscrets offers a great introduction to bondage for anyone interested in the fetish. A satin mask and ties for a beginner bondage experience. A vibrating bullet is also included as this will be your most powerful instrument to use from this level. Let the experience of arousal wash over you and your significant other with this level of Instruments of Pleasure.

Love Cuffs by Golden Triangle


The Love Cuffs by Golden Triangle is an adventurous item for any curious couple. These furry handcuffs come with 2 metal keys and are an excellent item to have in case of bondage play. All colors available are pink (Item # 2147-10), red (Item # 2147-11), black (Item # 2147-12), leopard (Item # 2147-13), lavender (Item # 2147-14), and zebra (Item # 2147-15).

I.O.U A Night To Remember by Ball & Chain


Make it a Night To Remember. Ball & Chain have come out with some lingerie which is fun for any couple to use in the bedroom. One pair of their side-tie panty thong which is a one size fits most is 95% nylon and 5% spandex. It comes with 12 pull tab invitations for you to tie to the thong so your lover can rip them off and redeem their invitation, perfect for date nights, a honeymoon, or a night in. Also available in a "Naughty" version (Item # 0496-06).

Sexy Valentine Box O Tricks by Screaming O


A kit with it all, this Sexy Valentine Box O Tricks from Screaming O is the perfect gift for any couple. Some signature items from Screaming O in this box include the Two-O (double motor disposable cock ring), Big-O (single motor cock ring), Fing-O Tip (single motor disposable fingertip ring), the Ring-O Pro LG (32 mm silicone cock ring), and 2 mints for oral freshness.

Just The 2 Of Us Gift Bag by Ozze Creations


The package design doesn't do this gift bag justice. Just The 2 Of Us Gift Bag from Ozze Creations has an interesting array of items in this bag. A red, polyester blindfold, love vouchers for him and her, 2 kinky scratch off tickets, some sensuous massage oil, an easy function mini g-spot vibe and a vibrating cock ring. Quite a few items to keep things very intriguing in the bedroom.

Sweetheart Kit by Kama Sutra


The Sweetheart Kit from Kama Sutra is ideal for any couple looking to rub, massage and even tickle each other, creating and solidifying intimate connections in the bedroom. This kit includes massage oil, honey dust and a small feather duster, body creme and body oil. Bring this kit to your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

Play With Me Naughty by Blush Novelties


If you have a bit of a sweet tooth then these Play With Me! plugs from Blush Novelties are an excellent addition to have in the bedroom. Feel Naughty with their small candy heart plug or feel even naughtier with their slightly bigger candy heart plug. Made from platinum cured silicone, these candy heart plugs have a nice satin touch finish and are tapered for easy insertion and safety. Say what you want to your lover this Valentine’s Day with these candy heart plugs.

Kitsch Kits The Newly Single Kit by Icon Brands


The Newly Single Kit from Icon Brands features a sky blue ring, a cobalt blue plug, a sapphire vibrator and furry aqua colored cuffs. This newly single kit is just as perfect as the name describes, if you are recently out of a long relationship or a recent divorcee, then this kit is not only perfect for you, it was practically made just for you.

Dona Let Me Kiss You Kissable Massage Oil Gift Set by JO


You and your lover can become delectable desserts with this massage oil gift set from JO. You can choose from one of three flavors, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Just rub down your lover with one of these massage oils and prepare your lips to kiss them all over their body for an intimate and passionate evening full of excitement and flavor.

Hello Sexy Wand by Shibari


This incredible power massager from Shibari is a discreet luxury item that you'll want in your life. This power massager includes 20 frequency pulsations at variable speeds and strengths. The sleek curved handle will assure a comfortable grip during use. It's wireless to take anywhere you please and rechargeable for easy discretion and convenience.

Cheeky Panty Thrill-Her

Item # 4932-12



Silicone Rechargeable Passion Enhancer

Item # 1841-05



Twister Vibe

Item # 0553-15



Shegasm Intense

Item # 7655-99



Instruments of Pleasure- Purple Level

Item # 0001-54



Love Cuffs- Pink

Item # 2147-10



I.O.U. A Night To Remember- Kinky

Item # 0496-04



Sexy Valentine
Box O Tricks

Item # 6031-03



Just The 2 Of Us Gift Bag

Item # 0667-06



Sweetheart Kit

Item # 5000-47



Play With Me- Naughty

Item # 0956-20



Let Me Kiss You Massage Oil

Item # 0406-01



Hello Sexy Wand

Item # 0034-93



This list is just the start of the many items available at our locations. This guide is just a basis for some of our popular items. Shop one of our 21 locations to find something that will bring you or a partner the sensations they've been seeking.

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