Lingerie is seriously underrated. So … let’s talk about lingerie, shall we? We want to equip you lingerie lovers and lingerie newbies with the best information about buying it. Feel and look your best when you slip into something sexy. That's why you came here, right? To figure out what works for you? Whether you’re single or taken, lingerie should be more about how it makes you and/or your partner feel. Wearing lingerie should not be limited to being worn for sexual experiences. Wear it with jeans/skirt for an evening out, under your casual work clothes, or just around the house when you want to feel extra hot. There are a variety of styles, sizes, and textures that you can find to best suit your needs, and we believe there is something for every body.


To start, choose lingerie styles and colors that show off what you consider to be your best features. If you have a big booty and want to flaunt it, go for a more cheeky item and enhance your curves. If you have perky breasts, choose something with a busty top, deep cut, or see-through and free the nipple. Knowing which features you want to enhance can make finding the perfect piece of lingerie much easier.


Wearing the wrong size lingerie can be uncomfortable and, honestly, can lower your self-esteem. Every brand of lingerie offers a different sizing chart, so it’s best to know what your typical size is to determine how you want the lingerie to fit. It’s helpful to know your “body shape”; are you rectangular, pear, triangle, round, etc? Check out our body shape chart below. If you really don’t know where to start, get measuring tape and take note of your bust, hips, and waist to get a better sense.


There are many different styles of lingerie, but we’ll be reviewing the most common. Each style has a different look and vibe, so decide what you think looks best with your body and how it makes you feel. Do you want to feel kinky? Cute? Dominant? Feminine? A little bit of everything? You decide and find the item that makes you feel confident.

Body Shape Chart


*Most of these items are available for purchase at any Lovers Playground or Lovers Playground Network location. See associate for more information on products or ordering.

#3 Bra & Panties

#4 Panties

#5 Bodystocking

#7 Thigh Highs

#6 Garter Belt

#1 Teddy

#2 Babydolls

Your choice of lingerie can help boost your confidence inside and outside of the bedroom. And no one knows you better than you. It’s a fun way to make things enticing if you're bored in the bedroom or it can help you embrace your sexuality more. No matter what your shape or size, be fearless! You’ll have a drawer full of silky, lacy, and/or leathery things before you know it.

Lace Teddy Bodystocking with Pearl Strand Back Detailing
ITEM # 3331-66

Stretch Lace And Sheer Babydoll
ITEM # 0966-22



Vibes Not Your Bitch Bra & Cheeky Panty
ITEM # 3105-30




Crotchless Thong with Pearls in Black
ITEM # 3105-96




Queen Size Opaque Criss Cross Bodystocking
ITEM # 1119-02




Stay Up Fishnet Thigh Highs
ITEM # 1025-02




Plus Size Stretch Lace Garter Belt in Black (Panties Not Included)
ITEM # 0087-35


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