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For the men who deal with premature ejaculation or if you would just like to last a little longer then this article is for you. First know that quality sex is more important than quantity. Some people, women, don’t need or even want hours of sex. The all-nighters can be fun, however, most women can come to a climax in under twenty minutes with the right stimulation. Some can orgasm even faster. With that being said, there are many different ways to increase your stamina. There are tons of products on the market specifically to help men last longer. There are also a few tricks you can use.


The most common method men use is to try to think about something other than the sexual activity in front of you, sports, work, errands, ect. This could work a little bit but it has its downsides. If you’re not thinking about the task at hand, then the intensity and passion isn’t going to be there. The quality of sex is going to suffer. You might also develop a fetish for buying groceries. Some men have developed complete impotency by no longer associating sexual desire with sexual activity. It’s rare but it could happen.


Pulling out is another popular method. Taking a break to regain control will make the session last longer just remember not to neglect your partner in the process. If your penis needs to pause the excitement, compensate with your hand or some oral sex. Keep your partners motor revving while you hit the breaks for a moment.


The next tip is practice. Masturbate till you get close to ejaculation, stop, then start again when the sensation goes away. The longer you last masturbating the more likely you are to last longer in bed. Think of it as training for a marathon.


Now when it comes to making yourself less sensitive you could try using thicker condoms. This will help with decrease sensation to the more sensitive areas of the penis. There are also things called cock rings. These rings made are different kinds of material. The idea is to restrict the blood flow in the penis giving you a harder erection for longer. Our stores carry disposable silicone rings for $.99. Give it a try and if the rings work well for you, then you can upgrade to a reusable rubber or metal ring. There are also disposable vibrating cock rings to help your partner climax faster. We carry a lot of Screaming O products and they are definitely worth checking out.


Next up is desensitizing liquids. These are gels, creams, and sprays that contain some kind of chemical to numb certain areas. The more popular ones contain lidocain rather than benzocin but it’s really more of a personal preference. “Stud 100” and “Stallion” are two sprays we carry that have more frequent repeat customers. Spray a little bit just under the tip of the head. This spot is where the penis is the most sensitive. Let it absorb completely before activity, you don’t your partner to go numb too. The creams and gels work the same way. Apply pea-sized amount to your penis and rub it in.


Then there are pills. These are like over the counter Viagra. Most pills you can find in stores and gas stations are not FDA regulated. If you have heart conditions, diabetes, or any other medical condition you should probably talk to a doctor before you try them. The ingredients vary and some of them do work. A pill that works for one man might not work for the next. So, figuring out works for you is a trial and error process. There is a new pill on the market almost every month. Go ahead and ask if there are free samples that you can try. Sometimes are stores will have them and sometimes they won’t. Just be polite to the associate and you can ask their opinion on which products work the best or which pills sell the most.

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