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Triple Action Trinitii - Electric Blue

Triple Action Trinitii - Electric Blue

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  • 15 speeds + 7 suction intensities + 4 flickering tongue speeds
  • Designed for clitoral stimulation and nipple play
  • Motor sensation: intense + gyration
  • S-Wave Plus motor
  • Power level: 6
  • Splash Proof

If oral sex is your kryptonite, drop everything and get your hands on Trinitii. Living up to its name, Trinitii combines three independently-controlled sensations that mimic oral play. This clit stim’s wide silicone mouth encompasses the clitoris and surrounding areas for a less direct and abrasive feeling. Trinitii’s gentle yet firm, intermittent suction can be layered with the toy’s 4 flickering tongue speeds and 15 lusty vibrations for additional customization during clitoral or nipple play.

A note on the Trinitii: While we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from customers who love using this product, we recognize that suction is not for everyone. We recommend Trinitii for customers who have decreased sensitivity, as its suction helps increase blood flow to the clitoris, making sensitivity more heightened. Trinitii is NOT for sensitive users. If you find the suction too strong for your specific needs, we recommend you take advantage of the flickering tongue and vibration settings! We also recommend this product for more experienced users. 


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